How to Solve Constipation From Medications.


 How to Solve Constipation from Fibromylagia Medications…

Curing constipation from Fibromyalgia medications can be almost impossible. I can bet that if you have Fibromyalgia and are taking medications for it, you also have the dreaded “constipation”. I do too. And I have for such a long time now. I complained to my doctors at almost every visit, about my constant constipation… I felt like a broken record. I was told to try all types of over the counter remedies. Milk of magnesia, mineral oil, castor oil, eating more fiber, MiraLax, bulk forming laxatives, lubricant laxatives.  Then there are the pills, Senocot being the least invasive. How about some prunes for a natural laxative. Plus, there is always the thought that you don’t drink enough water.  I have even tried the Fleet Enema’s. Oh, and the doctor prescribed Lactulose solution.  And on, an on, an on, an on we go.  All the time nothing really works that great. So, it was really just by chance, that I found the, I’ll call it miracle, old Aztec/Mayan seed…Chia. Yes, the Chia seed. The same seed that makes the Christmas time Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia pets. That’s the one. Except, of course I buy the organic Chia seeds. Now grown abundantly in Mexico and other certified organic farms. Chia seeds come in black and white. Either one is desirable due to its remarkable health promoting qualities. The Chia seed does have a small amount of calories though. Eating daily like I am suggesting this seed contains about 40 to 60 calories per tablespoon. So, that’s only 120 calories for each daily intake of Chia. But it has 40 percent fiber, 35 percent of that is roughage. Which will turn out to be one of your digestive systems best friends. Chia seeds also include 18 amino acids. Eight of them essential. And your body does’t produce those naturally. You must get these amino acids from an outside force. Hello, Chia seeds.

I discovered this sacred miracle seed, almost by accident. I was looking for a way to put more supplements into the protein shakes I was already consuming everyday. When, I came across the Chia Seed. It is rich in the amount of Omega-3. Has a higher amount of Antioxidants than even Blueberries. And having those 4 grams of dietary Fiber per serving,  about 1 tablespoon, that’s where the constipation relief comes in. I currently use two tablespoons, rounded off. And I eat the protein shakes everyday. Chia seeds also have a mild natural nutty flavor. This mild nuttiness perfectly complements my daily Mango protein shakes.

So, to make my daily Mango Protein Shakes… first you use your favorite protein shake mix, then put in 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds, (the regular black ones are fine) mix in the blender for about 1 minute. Then add your favorite frozen fruit. As you can tell mine is Mango. I buy the frozen fruit from my neighborhood Fresh and Easy store. ( 16 oz. for $2.99, not bad right!) I use about 1/2 of the bag for each protein shake. Blend til smooth…enjoy!

You can also put the seeds on yogurt, cereals (like oatmeal would be good), and salads. You can eat them raw, like I do or add them to your favorite cooking recipes.  They also come in a powder form for baking. After opening, I keep them in the freezer. They will last up to 4 months that way… but you’ll probably finish eating them before that.


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