Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Cupping Therapy

What in the world is Cupping therapy and does it work of fibromyalgia? If you suffer form the devastating condition of fibromyalgia as I do, you may be wondering this question. We know there are medical treatments for fibromyalgia and there are alternative therapies for fibromyalgia. You as a sufferer, probably have tried a few of both. Trying to find relief from your symptoms is a hard and grueling task at best. Cupping therapy falls under the alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies are becoming more and more popular for fibromyalgia sufferers. Why you ask, because they tend to work. The good news is that most of the alternative therapies don’t come along with the many side effects that the conventional Western medications do. As far as alternative therapies go it is good to do your homework on them before trying them out. There are a lot of hokey alternative therapies out there. Let us take a look then at cupping therapy and what you need to know. This way you’ll know if it’s a good option for you.

So what exactly is cupping therapy? We know a lot of alternative therapies come from the Chinese. Well, cupping is an old Chinese therapy. Cupping involves applying glass cups to the skin in order help rid itself of toxins, pain and to stimulate and increase circulation. I know it may sound strange to us but so did acupuncture to the Western civilization. In cupping each glass is placed on various spots on the body and it acts as a vacuum through heat and are left on for around 15 minutes or so.

There are two ways cupping is used. First is a massage cupping and it entails moving the cups in a massage like pattern around the back skin. The benefits of massage cupping is less sore joints and muscles. The second method of cupping is a stationary cupping. Where the cups are left untouched, not moved at all during the session. This is the kind of cupping I have had done, the stationary kind. It feels so relaxing. You can practically feel the toxins coming to the surface, out of your back.

This typical cupping involves using glass cups, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, candles and matches.  First a cotton ball is soaked in alcohol and lit on fire, a vacuum is created inside the glass by holding the cotton ball inside the cup. The heat causes a vacuum. Once this is done and there is suction, the cotton ball is removed and the glass cup is placed to the trigger point of the skin. A typical session includes about 4-5 cups, sometimes 6, placed and left on the skin for no longer than 15 minutes.

Although, this may sound painful, it is not. The typical person undergoing a cupping session only feels a slight suction feeling at first, where the cup is placed. You may end up with little red rings on your skin for a while afterwords. They do fade quickly though.

There are benefits to the Fibromyalgia patient who goes through these sessions. You will see a definite change in your relaxation and a feeling of calmness. Cupping helps to release the toxins from your body and promotes quicker healing time of muscles, joints and the general achiness we feel when we suffer from Fibromyalgia. You will also see improved flexibility in your muscles. Another benefit is reduced pain from trigger points and it can also help your anxiety level go down.

Cupping is a safe treatment for Fibromyalgia when it is done by a qualified professional. To find a qualified massage therapist of visit a holistic treatment center. I went to a certified acupuncturist for my treatment. Cupping can provide great benefits to you and your overall healing of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.


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