New Fibromyalgia Diagnoses Test!

At last, a test that can diagnose Fibromyalgia.

Read the article below…this is fantastic news for Fibromites!!!

Finally the source code that uncovers the medical disease called fibromyalgia is available via an objective, multiple biomarker-based diagnostic test that has documented the altered immunology of the fibromyalgia patient.
> Two separate medical studies were conducted at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago which investigated the uniqueness of the fibromyalgia patient. Via the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Department of Pathology, a CLIA certified laboratory, a rigorous analysis of fibromyalgia patients versus matched healthy control individuals revealed a distinct set of immunologic markers in those who have fibromyalgia. This test proves that there are no boundaries when it comes to age, gender or ethnicity in reference to the development of fibromyalgia.
> Fibromyalgia can now be documented as a real world affliction and not the speculative, non-quantifiable collection of miscellaneous complaints composed primarily of a subjective syndrome of symptoms. Fibromyalgia ceases to be a “wastebasket diagnosis ®.”
> FM/a ® reveals that this disorder, whether called fibromyalgia, fibrositis, the chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyocitis, among other names is really an immune system dysregulation disease. Patients who test positive for FM/a ® will no longer be labeled neurotic, hypochondrical chronic complainers. Theirs is an actual illness with objectively measurable traits.


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